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Feasibility Study, North Warning System, Long Term Sustainment Plan
Feasibility Study, North Warning System, Long Term Sustainment Plan

This intent of this project was to identify the key issues and elements that affected overall delivery of effective and efficient operational performance such that a more focused evaluation of options and approaches could be conducted.  A sample of NWS sites were chosen and assessed to determine the current condition of systems and components.   Systems ranged from original DEW line sites, as modified over time; the newer long-range radar sites on Canada’s East Coast, built in the late 1980s; and the short-range radar sites constructed in the early 1990s across the north.

The project included assessment against traditional systems and component operating life cycles, as modified to address the unique operating environment, and the overall operational goals of the systems’ continuous prime mission equipment operation
  • Morrison Hershfield provided a fully integrated in-house engineering team able to evaluate current conditions in a comprehensive yet high level manner which allowed for a focusing of efforts for future directions
  • Strict attention to our client’s primary operational objectives and needs allowed for a vigilant summary of the fundamental performance criteria and limitations in the current system
  • Included in the assessment were long-term costing requirements for site improvements to address needed operational changes, and analysis of the integrated systems functionality of each site type
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