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Advanced Traveller Information System Pilot Project
Advanced Traveller Information System Pilot Project Morrison Hershfield
Morrison Hershfield, in association with Castle Rock Consultants, undertook a pilot project to explore the feasibility and benefits of deploying the Condition Acquisition and Reporting System (CARS) in the province of Alberta.  CARS is an Advanced Traveller Information System (ATIS) that has been applied in ten U.S. State Departments of Transportation (DOTs).  The assignment was undertaken for Transport Canada, Alberta Infrastructure & Transportation and the cities of Calgary and Edmonton.

The project focused on the Highway 2 corridor between Calgary and Edmonton.  Additionally, the urban routes of Deerfoot Trail and Calgary Trail/Gateway Boulevard were included.  During the ten month pilot project, events that were entered in the system and relayed to the public included construction activities, hazardous vehicle events, accidents, lane closures and road conditions.

Morrison Hershfield's responsibilities included:

  • Development of a Business Plan to secure funding under Transport Canada's ITS Research and Development Program
  • Development of an Operational Plan outlining which agency would be responsible for various data entry aspects and which type of information would be entered 
  • Development of GIS mapping for the corridors covered in the pilot project
  • Development of a dedicated Traveller Information Web Site to disseminate the information stored in the CARS database to the travelling public
  • Organization of training sessions for 42 staff members from the participating agencies
  • Establishment of an evaluation methodology to assess both the information provided as well as the potential benefits arising from the real-time dissemination of such information
  • Gauging the utilization and effectiveness of the ATIS system using on-line surveys and website access statistics

The use of a proven ATIS software product provided the funding partners with the opportunity to achieve the following in a cost-effective manner:

  • Development of an appreciation of US-based ITS products and standards as they relate to Alberta's ITS Blueprint
  • Establishment of the merit and level of interest in the permanent deployment of ATIS in Alberta
  • Assessment of implementation barriers and issues
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