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Planning and Design for a Rapid Bridge Replacement Project at Hwy 403 and Aberdeen Avenue Bridge in Hamilton Canada
Edward Li, Morrison Hershfield
Dennis Wong, Morrison Hershfield
Clement Shim, Ministry of Transportation Ontario
John Lam, Ministry of Tranportation Ontario
Alfred Ho, Ministry of Transportation Ontario

The Ministry of Transportation of the Province of Ontario, Canada completed a detail design to rehabilitate eight bridges on Highway 403 in Ontario. These bridges were built in the early 1960’s and are conventional multi-span concrete deck on steel girder structures. One of these bridges, the Aberdeen Avenue Bridge, a 4 span continuous bridge with spans up to 25m, was replaced using Rapid Bridge Replacement (RBR) technology consisting of the “Heavy Lifting” and “Jack & Slide” methods. This marks the first time in Ontario that a multi span continuous structure was replaced using RBR technology. For this structure, the two interior main spans over Highway 403 were replaced using the heavy lifting method while replacement of the end spans was completed by the jack & slide method. Prefabricated span units up to 500 tonnes were moved and installed using Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT) for the main spans while prefabricated units constructed on temporary platforms immediately adjacent to the bridge were slid laterally into position for the shorter end spans. By adopting this innovative technology, the complete bridge superstructure was replaced in one weekend, just 51 hours, using the RBR methods instead of two years by the conventional method through sequential staging of activities to maintain traffic on the bridge.

This paper describes the planning and design process to assess the feasibility of RBR work for the site, choosing of staging areas for the prefabrication work, the development of unique details to connect spans for a jointless structure, the risk management and the complex public and technical consultation processes involved.

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