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Ontario Concrete Infrastructure Award for Queen Elizabeth Way Niagara Widening, 2011

The Ontario Concrete Industry acknowledges excellence and innovation through the Ontario Concrete Awards.  The awards pay tribute to the visions of some of the most creative projects the province has to offer.

Morrison Hershfield is the Prime Consulting Engineer for the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario Contract No. 2007-2027 for the Widening of the Queen Elizabeth Way in the City of St. Catharines in the Niagara Region.  Our signature bridges, built by Dufferin Construction Company at the Queen Elizabeth Way in Niagara, are recognized.

The Martindale Bridge is a new rigid frame structure designed to replace the existing ailing structure.  Measuring 56m (184 ft.) in span, the bridge is the longest of its kind in Southwestern Ontario involving complex post-tensioning schemes.  Without obstructions in the median from columns and lights, the bridge provides a picture frame opening for travellers to admire the historic Henley Monument on the highway.

The Lake Street Bridge is a multi-span bridge utilizing precast large panel construction.  Integrating the deck with the girders allowed most complex works to be fabricated off-side in a shop condition.  This method of bridge construction also minimizes work and construction time in the field.  With unique curve edge concrete girders, the bridge maintains a uniform bridge overhang which is a key element in aesthetic design.

This is the second year in a row that a Morrison Hershfield project has been recognized.  In 2010 an award was received for the Dufferin Street widening and reconstruction project.

Rigid frame structure bridge

View of the Martindale Bridge through to the historic Henley Monument

rigid frame structure bridge

Martindale Bridge landscaping

multi-span bridge with precast large panel construction
Edge girders were cast curve to promote a continuous uniform shadow along the edges of the Lake Street Bridge
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