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International Concrete Repair Institute, Honourable Mention in the Special Projects Category, for the TTC Harbourfront Tunnel Leak Remediation Project, Toronto, Ontario, 2000

Friday the 13th was a memorable day for Morrison Hershfield. The International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) presented us with an Honourable Mention in the Special Projects Category. The award is in recognition of our leak remediation and structural repair work on the Harbourfront Light Rail Transit slurry wall and station structure. The Toronto Transit Commission LRT tunnel had suffered from chronic water leakage prior to our development of a maintenance-free leak remediation design comprising concrete repair, strategic multistage grouting and expansion joint reconstruction. The innovative joint seal design incorporated hydrophilic strips.

The knowledge gained by the Morrison Hershfield project team will be extremely valuable in the restoration of similar tunnels, where the elimination of water leakage and icing is critical for the safe and efficient operation of transportation infrastructure.

The award was presented to Edward Li and Ron Wilson during the ICRI Fall convention in Toronto. The winners in this international competition were from four different countries and one US Territory.

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