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Excellence in Business Award finalist in the Most Creative Site Concealment Design Category, for the new cross designed for Hope Lutheran Church in Miami, Florida, 2002

Morrison Hershfield Corporation was a proud finalist in the Fourth Annual Excellence in Business Award competition. The Awards program, sponsored by Shorecliff Communications LLC, recognizes leadership and innovation in the communications tower industry. The awards ceremony was a key part of the November 2002 Tower Summit in New Orleans.

This achievement is in the Most Creative Site Concealment Design award category. A new cross designed by Morrison Hershfield for Hope Lutheran Church appears to be part of the structure while actually being an independent element. The antennas for the wireless facility have been concealed with the cross and the related equipment was placed in a structure within the church, making the wireless facility completely “stealth”.

Due to the strict Miami hurricane wind codes, the 1940's building would require structural upgrading if the new cross was tied into it. By constructing an independent monopole with the concealment chase attached to the cross (not the church), an attractive solution was found. The cross was attached to the building with a flexible neoprene material that allows the monopole to deflect wind load without touching the actual church structure.

The mechanical room also presented a challenge. Because Morrison Hershfield's engineers could not add onto the church or take up any room within the building, the church HVAC system was readapted and the cellular equipment was placed within an existing mechanical yard.

The project was a complete success. The adjacent residential community and the client Cingular Wireless approve of the new eye-catching solution.

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