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Canam’s Honorable Mention for the Edmonton Transit System Centennial Garage, 2009
An Honorable Mention was conferred for resolving a complex problem at the project design stage, while making optimum use of Canam products.  Other factors taken into consideration include adherence to the construction budget, alternate solutions that generate major cost savings, easier installation and simplified project coordination. 

The massive 29,000 m2 Centennial Garage, over 7 acres in size, is an integrated facility for servicing more than 250 Edmonton Transit System regular and articulated buses that must be washed, fuelled, maintained and stored.  It also accommodates the daily ingress and egress for those vehicles and those of staff and associated service and delivery vehicles.  The owner’s serviceability requirements were met.  The highly functional and efficient garage involves 750 tons of steel joists and joist girders.

Honourable Mention for Centennial Garage Project
Centennial Garage
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