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Canadian Consulting Engineering Honourable Mention in the Community Outreach and In-House Initiatives Category, for the New Roof for Shepherds of Good Hope Dormitories, Ottawa, Ontario, 2001

Morrison Hershfield Limited believes in a firm set of “Core Values and Principles”, which includes a commitment to the public, to our clients and to each other. The result is that our staff help improve the quality of life in their local communities across North America by volunteering their time and expertise to a wide variety of organizations.

The Shepherds of Good Hope is the largest Soup Kitchen and Dormitory Organization in the Ottawa-Carleton area. The dormitory buildings, part of the “Hope Community”, consist of six, eighty-year-old town house units on King Edward Avenue. They were in a desperate need of re-roofing. There was no money in the current Shepherds’ budget for any repair work to be done, nor would there be in the foreseeable future.

One of Morrison Hershfield’s five areas of expertise is building engineering. Mark Lucuik, P.Eng., recognized that as a consulting firm the company was uniquely positioned to facilitate a service for charities for little or no cost.

In the fall of 2000, Morrison Hershfield contacted several local roofing contractors and material manufacturers to solicit support. The concept proved feasible, as virtually all people and companies approached were excited to be on board.

The time period just before Christmas proved to be ideal to undertake this work due to the typical slow down in construction and the spirit of the season.

Essentially all material and labour was donated free of charge. Volunteers from Morrison Hershfield, Scott Healy Roofing, and Ron Robinson Roofing completed the work on two Saturdays in December. Building supplies, garbage disposal and food for the volunteers were provided by Morrison Hershfield, Soprema Canada, Scott Healy Roofing, Ron Robinson Roofing, Rassmussen Starr Ruddy Barristers and Solicitors, and Willy’s Roll Offs.

Shepherds of Good Hope received a brand new roof with an estimated 20-year-life span at absolutely no cost to the charity. Power and spirit was generated by participants.

“The Shepherds have been blessed over many times and in the true spirit of giving Morrison Hershfield affirmed our faith in showing us that we do indeed have many shepherds tending our flock.” Beth Jefferson, Public Relations and Fundraising Coordinator, The Shepherds of Good Hope.

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