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Awards Received Prior to 2000
  • American Concrete Institute Structural Engineering Award, to Robert G. Selby, 1999
  • Canadian Consulting Engineering Award of Excellence, for Hibernia Gravity Base Structure Verification, 1998
  • Canadian Consulting Engineering Award of Excellence, for the Study of Building Envelope Failures in the Coastal Climate of B.C., 1998
  • Consulting Engineers of Alberta, Showcase Awards 1997, Award of Merit, Forestry Category. High Prairie OSB Mill Log and Gantry Crane Trackage, High Prairie, Alberta.
  • Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) Certificate of Appreciation, to Art Johns in 1997
  • International Concrete Repair Institute Award of Excellence for Transportation Projects, for the F.G. Gardiner Expressway structural rehabilitation project in Toronto, Ontario, 1996
  • PEO Engineering Medal for Engineering Excellence, to Andres Tork in 1993
  • Canadian Electrical Association National Energy Efficiency Industry Ward, for PPG Plant #80, 1992
  • Portland Cement Association Award of Excellence, for the Ryerson Polytechnical University Athletics Complex project in Toronto, Ontario, 1989
  • PEO admitted Art Johns to the Order of Honour in 1987
  • Standards Council of Canada Jean-Paul Carriere Award, to Carson Morrison in 1985
  • PEO admitted Carson Morrison to the Order of Honour in 1984
  • Canadian Consulting Engineer Magazine Carson F. Morrison Award, won by Carson Morrison in 1984
  • PEO Professional Engineering Medal, to Charles Hershfield in 1982
  • PEO Professional Engineering Medal, to Mark Huggins in 1979
  • Canadian Consulting Engineering Award Honourable Mention, for Ontario Hydro's new style transformer station, the 500KV Switchgear Enclosure at Milton, Ontario, 1978
  • PEO Professional Engineering Gold Medal, to Carson Morrison in 1974
  • Canadian Consulting Engineering Award of Excellence, for the Leaside Bridge widening and strengthening project, Toronto, Ontario, in 1970
  • Cominco Galvanizing Design Award for North America, for excellence in the development and promotion of hot dip galvanizing on the Leaside Bridge project, Toronto, Ontario, 1969
  • Canadian Steel Industrial Construction Council Award of Excellence in the Structural Steel Awards Program, for Atlas Alloys warehouse and offices in Etobicoke, Ontario, 1966
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